About us
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I am Fabrizio, lifelong Ferrara resident. I am a massophysiotherapist to the elderly, have been a tourist animator for several years, and I have also organized festivals and events in the local area. I love being with friends and in good company.

I am Minea. I am an art teacher and I work with children realizing artistic activities in collaboration with associations and cooperatives. I also passionately create my “Sand Thoughts” paintings made with sand on wood and bright colors.

We are a couple who loves good food, nature, and art; but our greatest passion is travel. As often as possible we travel around the world to visit new places and meet other people.

For this reason, we have decided to open our apartment, Casa Ariosto, to all those who want to visit our beautiful city, Ferrara, as a way to reciprocate the hospitality and the smiles we have received in our own travels.